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I’m coming back…

I’m coming back!


Yes, it has been a while since I last posted anything. Ok it’s been a long while….like 7 months. It’s been a busy 7 months, I had a great summer (very busy), I moved, I went to London and then to Germany for Oktoberfest and worked a lot. I’m back now though!


One of my New Years resolutions for 2012 is to get the blog back up and running. I’m starting early. I have a bunch of stuff to share, not all of it is sewing, but it’s going to be fun and crafty. New stuff will be coming in the next couple of days. (I am waiting for my latest project to dry and then I will share it with you.)



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I made this dress back in april and realized that I never put up pictures of the final product. This is the dress that I made for Easter and it turned out pretty well. It is actually a dress and a slip since the outer dress is sheer.

The slip is very simple but it was almost impossible to finds a slip pattern anywhere. I ended up using the slip portion of the Vogue 1160 pattern. (I only bought it for the slip but the dress is that pattern is pretty cute too! I will have to make that at a later date.

This is the slip. It is made of lining material since it was the only fabric that came close to matching in color….oh and it was cheap. It think it ended up costing around $3 to make the whole slip. This first time I wore the dress I realized that the straps were not quite worn on well enough because the broke. Luckily it was the back strap attachment that came undone so I quick tied it into a halter to avoid any major wardrobe malfunctions.

This is the front and back view of the dress. It is made using Simplicity 3575. It’s a modified version of Views C & D. I took the sleeves off completely. The pattern is really meant for a jersey fabric or something with some give. This fabric doesn’t have any give so I made it just large enough to slip on with out needing to add a zipper.

I love this fabric and I have had it for quite a while. I found it a little hole in the wall fabric store in New York City. It took me a while to find a pattern that I thought was worthy of this fabric. I really liked the way this dress turned out. It’s a great summer dress.

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Draped Shirt

I have been looking for a pattern for a draped shirt for a while. I have tried others that I have blogged about before and they were not good. Well I finally found a good one and whipped up a shirt.


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In a recent Anthropologie catalog, they had a dress that I loved. However I did not like the price tag. The dress was a green pattern and then had a bright orange waistband. I loved the green and orange color combination so I decided to make a skirt with those colors.


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I originally bought this fabric while I was down in the Garment District of New York City (I could spend weeks in the fabric stores there!) Everyone has seen blue seersucker but lime green…I had to have it. I had no idea that I was going to make with it though. Jacket was the obvious options, and I still might make that because I have extra fabric, but then someone mentioned making a dress. With so many different dress patterns it took me quite a while to settle on what I wanted it to look like. One day I was doing a little online window shopping and came across a blue seersucker dress…I LOVED IT! I did not like the $200 price tag though. I then knew what to do with the fabric I had been holding on to.

I sewed most of the dress together about 6 months ago but never finished it. All I had left was to attach the straps and hem the bottom of the skirt. I really hate hemming so that’s probably why I didn’t finish. Not to mention, I was making a seersucker dress in the fall. When did I think I was going to wear this dress? It was going to be months from then anyway. Now I have a reason to wear this dress. I have a fundraiser on Friday night that I have been working on and it has a beach theme. This dress is prefect. More New England beachy then Florida or Hawaii beach but a beach is a beach. So here are some pictures…

The fit on the dress form is not how it fits me but it's pretty close

I can't wait to wear this dress!

I took the idea for the knots in the straps from the original dress I saw but that’s about all that is the same.

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Welcome! This is my first attempt at blogging so we will see what happens. I hope you will enjoy my attempts at making things.¬†Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, food, who know but I am sure that I will mostly be making a huge mess.

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