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A while back, I made a quick day trip down to New York City. Of course while I was there I had to do some fabric shopping. My first stop was Mood Fabric. For anyone who has ever watch Project Runway, Mood is a must visit. It’s a pilgrimage that anyone who likes to sew wants to take. I had never been in before mainly because I couldn’t find it. It’s on the second floor of the building so you have to know which building its in and know to look up. The store was packed with people but now many were actually buying anything. I have never seen so much fabric in my life! I found heaven! The first fabrics I saw were silks, this was bad because they were every expensive. In fact, the first fabric I picked up and loved was an Alexander McQueen and cost $75 a yard….yeah that wasn’t going to happen! I have never seen so many designer fabrics in one place, Versace, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana. I had to walk away or I would have spent every cent in my savings account. Don’t worry I did buy some fabric while I was there.


This printed chiffon will make a nice shirt, I just have to come up with how I want it to look.



Ok this was my favorite. It is an Anna Sui fabric. This will be a skirt, probably a simple skirt so that you can see the pattern.


I could have spent all day in Mood dreaming of what I could make with the fabric. I stopped into a couple of other fabric stores as well.



This a mesh or tulle fabric with the ribbon sewn on.



Close up. I am thinking skirt for this fabric as well or maybe a dress. I need to get going on all these projects!


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I made a padded headboard a while back but have been waiting to get some free time (and dry weather) to bring it over from my parent’s house. My grandfather helped me construct the base for the headboard. Since he is an engineer, the headboard is much more complex then I was planning on making. I think this thing could withstand a hurricane. Anyway, once it was built it was time to pad it. We used a layer of batting and glued it onto the headboard to keep it in place. Next it was time to staple the fabric on. We made sure that the fabric was straight since I picked out a stripe. We even covered up the back to give it a professional look. Mom sewed together the bolster. Since there is no pillow form that big we rolled up batting to the size we wanted it. It looks great all together. Here are a couple of photos.

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