Second hand clothing stores seem to be popping up everywhere now. It has become popular, not to mention a huge money saver, to buy second hand clothing. I have a few things that I have bought with the intention of reworking them.

The first is a sweater. I found a nice black sweater but it needed a little something. So I looked at the magazines that I had lying around for inspiration. Bows are very popular this season. I love a large oversized bow. This black sweater needed a bow. I didn’t want to permanently attach it to the sweater because it would be hard to wash. The bow is pinned on so it can be taken off and wear on another outfit (I haven’t done that yet up I know I will.) The fabric is some extra purple stain that I had in my stash.

I also make a couple of necklaces out of some old broken pieces.

The blue and purple beads were all part of one necklace but it some broken. I attached then to the piece of antique goldish hardware. I think that the gold piece is actually decorative home decor but I thought it would look good as a necklace.

This is actually 4 necklaces that I looped together. I have seen multi strand pearl necklaces all over the place but this only cost $2.


I have a huge list of fashion designers that I admire and would love to meet. There is a significantly smaller list of people who do not work directly in fashion design but have a hand in the fashion industry.

The first is Tim Gunn. If you have ever seen Project Runway you know who he is. If not, Tim worked as a faculty member at Parsons The New School For Design. While there he started mentoring the contestants on Project Runway. He has since left to become the Chief Creative Officer for Liz Claiborne. The reason I would like to meet him is because he is the icon of fashion school professors. Not having gone to school for fashion design, I would love to take classes from Tim Gunn. I always like what he has to say about taste level of an outfit. Why would you not want to meet Tim Gunn? He just seems like an awesome person. I want him to come over and critic what I am working on. With his fist to his chin, I want him to give me advice like “not let your voice get lost in blah blah blah.” or “I really like the direction you are going with this.” He can tell me anything really. Then just before he leaves, tell me to “make it work!”

Next on my list is Bill Cunningham. If you have ever read the Style Section of the sunday New York Times you will have seen a collection of photos column called On The Street. They highlight a particular fashion trend for that week. The photos are all taken by Bill Cunningham. He rides his bicycle around New York City taking photos of what people are wearing.  He has another photo column, Evening Hours, in which he photographs many of the parties that happen around New York. In Evening Hours, it’s mostly people at fancy parties. What I really love about Bill is his On The Street. He takes photos of people as we passes them on the street. They are not models, some people are wearing designer clothes, some are wearing thrift store closes. You can tell that some people really thought about what they put on that morning and some people just got dressed in the first thing they saw. If you ever go on the New York Times website you can see a video of the weeks On The Street section that is narrated by Bill. He talks about the pictures that took. I love it.

The third person on my list, I only recently realized who they where. I have been reading Vogue for years. My favorite part of the magazine is always the fashion spreads. I have some favorites from the past and there is always some that I like more than others. I recently watch The September Issue which is a documentary about making the September issue of Vogue Magazine. While it didn’t really change my impression of Anna Wintor, I have come to love Grace Coddington. After seeing the film I looked back at old issues and realized that most of my favorite fashion spreads, Grace had something to do with. I think she is very creative and sees fashion in a way that most people don’t.

So these are the 3 people I would like to meet. If any ones knows any of them, I will be waiting for my introduction.

I went to my second day of Draping class this past saturday. Still worked on padding my dressform. Here is what it looked like after to solid hours of work…

The dressform is modeling the skirt that I just made but more on that later. Anyway, if you look at the top it doesn’t look much different from last week but it is very close to my measurements. I am not even close to being finished padding. All of the batting is just pinned to the dressform. The under layers will stay pinned but the final layer will have to be sewn to the dressform which takes FOREVER. You have to hand sew each panel on and it’s not easy but you have to do it so that the padding doesn’t slide down. It’s a pain in the butt but it’s worth it in the end.

Ok on to the skirt. This was the easiest skirt that I have ever made. It took me about 15 minutes total to make it. All you need is elastic and fabric. I bought the fabric a while ago from a quilt store. I don’t see anyone using that fabric to make a quilt but I thought it was awesome (if I made quilts I would use that fabric.) It also reminded me of some of the fabric patterns that designer Alexander McQueen used in some of his final collections. So all I did to make the skirt was sew it together where it would meet in the back, attach it to the elastic and then hem it! Easy as pie! I even have enough fabric left over to make another skirt which I already told my sister I would give to her.

I made a padded headboard a while back but have been waiting to get some free time (and dry weather) to bring it over from my parent’s house. My grandfather helped me construct the base for the headboard. Since he is an engineer, the headboard is much more complex then I was planning on making. I think this thing could withstand a hurricane. Anyway, once it was built it was time to pad it. We used a layer of batting and glued it onto the headboard to keep it in place. Next it was time to staple the fabric on. We made sure that the fabric was straight since I picked out a stripe. We even covered up the back to give it a professional look. Mom sewed together the bolster. Since there is no pillow form that big we rolled up batting to the size we wanted it. It looks great all together. Here are a couple of photos.

Yesterday was the first day of my draping class. I put my “lady” in the car the night before. (I am sure that my car got some strange looks since it looked like there was a body in the car.) I wasn’t sure what I needed but I grabbed my scissors and head to class.

There were 3 of us there today. One of my fellow classmates is the shop owner and the other is only taking this portion of the class where we alter the dressform. Today we were just working on altering the dressform to match our measurements. It sounds easy enough…well it’s not that simple. It took an hour and a half just to get all the measurements. For each measurement we would measure the dressform and then ourselves. Once we had all the measurements we had to stand and look at the dressform and ourselves in the mirror to see where we needed to pad it. Keep in mind that we are doing this in the middle of one of the aisles at Joanns. People are walking past us and giving us funny looks as we are trying to evaluate the breast placement on the dressform and if we need to change it.

To adjust the dressform we had a fit kit that is basically a bunch of foam pads pre-molded to kit of various parts of the dressform. You want to be able to pretty much disappear behind your dressform. You really have to look at yourself and the dressform to see where you need to add more. I bought dressform a couple sizes small so knew that I would need to pad it out more. We started my adding the pads on to the form. They are just pinned and will be covered up eventually. Here is what is started to look like with some of the pads on.

Once the pads are on you start to cover the dressform in batting. You have to do quite a bit of layering to make it look natural. After an hour of working on actually adjusting the dressform, class was over and it was time to go. I will be able to finish it all next week but here is what it looked like be the time I left.

Yes is looks like fake butt cheeks and yes it looks like my dressform is wearing a batting thong. It will look much better after next week.

I have not posted anything here in a while and there is a reason…one of my sewing machines is not working correctly. My serger keeps braking thread and I can’t figure out why. If you don’t know what a serger is, it a type of sewing machine that uses from 3 to 5 spoils of thread and at least 2 needles to create an overlock stitch. The overlock stitch is used to prevent fabric from fraying, it also is a very secure stitch.

So my machine will have to the sewing machine hospital to get fixed. I will miss it while it’s gone. It’s probably good that it’s going in because I haven’t had it serviced since I got it.

I am always looking at shoes which is why I have have so many. I have been seeing a lot of heels with bows on the back of the shoe. They are really cute and I wanted a pair. I was not willing to shell out the $150 for the pair that I really liked so I made them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

I bought a cheap pair of black heels, some off white satin ribbon and sheer black ribbon. All I did was hot glue the ribbons to the shoes. It was super easy and I think they turned out well. Here are a couple more pictures.

I know your jealous!