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I follow a few sewing blogs and have been seeing a number of people pledge to do a “Me Made” Month. They wear something that they have made everyday for a whole month. I have been thinking about doing it for a while … well guess what … I am doing it. Me-Made-June ’11 here I come!


I, Shannon Kline of whybuyitwhenicouldmakeit.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June ’11. I endeavor to wear one item that I have made or refashioned each day for the duration of June 2011.

So this means that everyday in June I will wear a piece that I made myself, refashioned, or upcycled. I am including clothing, jewelry and accessories in this because I just don’t think that I have enough clothing that I have made to last me the entire month. I promise to take photos everyday and share what that day’s me-made item is. If you would like to join you can find out about it on Zoe’s Blog.

Oh shit….I better get sewing!


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Second hand clothing stores seem to be popping up everywhere now. It has become popular, not to mention a huge money saver, to buy second hand clothing. I have a few things that I have bought with the intention of reworking them.

The first is a sweater. I found a nice black sweater but it needed a little something. So I looked at the magazines that I had lying around for inspiration. Bows are very popular this season. I love a large oversized bow. This black sweater needed a bow. I didn’t want to permanently attach it to the sweater because it would be hard to wash. The bow is pinned on so it can be taken off and wear on another outfit (I haven’t done that yet up I know I will.) The fabric is some extra purple stain that I had in my stash.

I also make a couple of necklaces out of some old broken pieces.

The blue and purple beads were all part of one necklace but it some broken. I attached then to the piece of antique goldish hardware. I think that the gold piece is actually decorative home decor but I thought it would look good as a necklace.

This is actually 4 necklaces that I looped together. I have seen multi strand pearl necklaces all over the place but this only cost $2.

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I recently went to one of the many antique stores in town and dug through BUCKETS of old and broken jewelry. After about 2 hours in the place (most of the time was spend talking to the characters that worked at the store) I walked out with a whole bag of broken but fabulous stuff. I have remake some of what I got into new jewelry.

The yellow leafs were part of a broken bracelet. There were 3 groups connected together.

This was a bunch of broken pieces. The original gold necklace here was broken but just needed to be reattached. The blue beads were not attached to anything. I made one longer to layer them. The 4th strand is actually 3 bracelets that I put together. The white and gold bracelet was missing part of the clasp and the other 2 where simple gold bracelets. I like the way this turned out.

This is my favorite!

I found this hand and knew that it had to be a necklace!

The beads are some that I had left over from other projects. I would wear this all the time!

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