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This time of year I love scarves. Living in Johnstown, NY, it’s a small town in Upstate New York for those who don’t already know, winters can be cold. My job requires that I be inside and outside throughout the day. I sell car at my family’s car dealership www.mainmotorcar.com sorry I do the internet marketing so I always have to promote. Our building is over 100 years old and drafty, so a scarf makes me feel a little bit warmer. Scarves are an easy accessory and a fast way to dress up a boring outfit.

I have been on a scarf making kick lately probably because they are fast and it the closest you can get to instant gratification when it comes to sewing. On average it takes about 30 minutes to make a scarf. Much less time than it takes to make a dress. Thanks to Pinterest, I have gotten some ideas for new scarf designs. Here are couple of things I have made lately…

I made both of these scarves out of a really soft jersey. I love the second, braided scarf. I have worn it quite a bit. I have some lighter weight yellow jersey that I might use to make a similar scarf for spring.

I was feeling the need for some spring time cheer so I threw together another scarf. Some white linen, yellow pom pom trim and presto! Happiness in a scarf.

The last on is by far my favorite. I have had this fabric for probably 3 years and I just didn’t know what to do with it that was worthy enough for it’s awesomness. Scarf was a perfect idea, now I can wear it and look at it all the time. I can’t find this fabric anymore, Damn. I would by a while bolt of it and make this scarf for everyone if I could.

Sorry about the crappy self portrait. I took it with my parent’s ipad while I was stealing lunch at their house.




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