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I haven’t put anything up for a while because I couldn’t share what I was making until after Christmas. I was making a couple of presents for my sister for Christmas and didn’t want her to see then before the opened them. My sisters and I started buying presents for only one other sister a few years ago. My mom was buying everything and was just too much for her to handle so we each picked a name and rotate each year. It’s fun. So I was buying for my sister Jackie this year. I tried to make her some fun stuff that were unique. Pajamas are the easiest. I got flannel on sale the day after Thanksgiving (I got enough to make my other sister a pair of pjs to but that is an after christmas project.) I cut them out quite a while ago but didn’t actually finish them until Christmas Eve. I sewed them while my sister was in the next room but luckily she was napping so I finished them with out her seeing.

She asked me to make her an apron. I wanted to make it crazy and fun. I found some great fabric and started by cutting out the bottom. I decided to make it a circle skirt style on the bottom. Once I cut it out, it looked very 50’s housewife to me…it needed something. Trim would do it! I bought purple pom pom fringe and sewed it to the bottom. I also found some jumbo lime green ric rac. It turned out pretty sweet. I am a little jealous and know I want to make one for myself.

Jackie is wearing the apron on Christmas morning. She also has the pajama pants on that I made for her. You can’t see it but I put the lime green ric rac on the bottom of the pant legs.

Here are some more photos…

Better late then never to post pictures!


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