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Black & White Bow Shoe

I am always looking at shoes which is why I have have so many. I have been seeing a lot of heels with bows on the back of the shoe. They are really cute and I wanted a pair. I was not willing to shell out the $150 for the pair that I really liked so I made them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

I bought a cheap pair of black heels, some off white satin ribbon and sheer black ribbon. All I did was hot glue the ribbons to the shoes. It was super easy and I think they turned out well. Here are a couple more pictures.

I know your jealous!


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Shirt In Progress

Here are a couple of pictures of what I am currently working on.

I saw a shirt online with the ruffled neckline and thought it was very pretty. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to make the ruffle. I know of a couple ways to ruffle fabric but there were not going to work for what I wanted to do. I needed an actual ruffler and lucky for me my mom has one. The ruffle is just pinned on but will be attached.

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My New “Lady”

I went today to find out about the Draping Class that I found out about online. I had no intention of signing up for it, I was just going to get more information. Well….I signed up for the class…..and bought a dress form! Class starts September 25th! I feel like I am getting ready for the first day of school, I am so excited about my new supplies. The women at the store call the dress forms their “ladies”. So here is my new “lady”

I have an adjustable dress form right now but it is not anything that can be used to drape your own pattern. This is not how the dress form will really look. I am taking another class called Make My Dress Form Me. We will add padding to the form to make it exactly my size. It’s not currently my size. You always want to buy smaller because you can always add to the dress form but never take away.

My mom has never taken a draping class despite her degree in fashion…I think she is just as excited about me taking the class as I am.

I can’t wait!!

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