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Draping Class

I have been searching for sewing classes in the Albany area. So far every class that I had found was quilting relates. No offence to those people quilt, but I find it really boring. There are too many little pieces involved. I would like to make a quilt one day but that day is not in the near future. Most of the other classes I was finding were either geared toward people who quilt that might want to learn how to make a purse or a vest. No way am I taking one of those classes, I can make those all on my own if I wanted too. The rest of the classes I found were for kids or people who had never sewed before. Where are all the classes for those of us that know how to sew but want to learn more advanced clothing construction? Apparently, those type of classes were nowhere to be found outside of New York City. I had thought about trying to find a weekend sewing class in NYC and taking the train in but it seemed like a lot of time and a lot of money.  I had given up hope….

Until yesterday!

I was searching for fabric stores in the area (I am always trying to find places that sell fabric other then quilt fabric.) I came across a women who teaches classes out of the JoAnn Fabrics. At first I thought, great another quilting class or kids sewing summer camp. To my surprise she teaches much more then that. She teached a Draping 101 classes that teaches you how to draft your own pattern using a dress form! I am very excited. I am going to have to go down there and get more info on the classes soon.

Draping here I come!!


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So here is the final product of the $2 skirt…

I like the way the dress turned out. I also threw together a fabric flower with the scrapes from the top. Who knew a $2 old lady skirt from the salvation army would look so good.

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I headed to the Salvation Army one Saturday to see what I could find. You never know what you could come across. Something that with some minor adjustments could be great or even something that could be totally redone into something else.

I came across this beauty of a skirt. I liked the color right away and the pleats were pretty cool. It’s polyester so it won’t ever wrinkle (I’m trying to think positively about polyester.) BUT……It looked like something meant for a women who was at least 85 years old. I tried it on and the hem was mid calf. No way was I going to wear it as is. It may not work as a skirt but it would look good as a dress. I pulled the skirt up to where it would sit if I made it into a dress with an empire waist and it was perfect. It hit right at the knee! No need to hem it, Sweet!

I now needed to figure out what I wanted to do on top. I grabbed a couple of patterns that I had to see if I liked the top of any of them. I finally settled on a regular scoop neckline. I ended up combining a couple of patterns to come up with the top. After 3 practice tops I finally got the fit adjusted the way I wanted it.

I attached the top to the skirt and then took a look at the finished product. CRAP!!!  The top and the skirt didn’t match up

The skirt ended up being larger then the top. I had made the top to fit perfectly so the skirt needed to be adjusted. With no real side seams to take in I had to be creative. The easiest solution was to put a gather into the back.

Problem solved! The fabric lined up perfectly after this little fix.

No I just had to insert the zipper and finish the edges. I will post photos of the finished product soon…

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I made this dress back in april and realized that I never put up pictures of the final product. This is the dress that I made for Easter and it turned out pretty well. It is actually a dress and a slip since the outer dress is sheer.

The slip is very simple but it was almost impossible to finds a slip pattern anywhere. I ended up using the slip portion of the Vogue 1160 pattern. (I only bought it for the slip but the dress is that pattern is pretty cute too! I will have to make that at a later date.

This is the slip. It is made of lining material since it was the only fabric that came close to matching in color….oh and it was cheap. It think it ended up costing around $3 to make the whole slip. This first time I wore the dress I realized that the straps were not quite worn on well enough because the broke. Luckily it was the back strap attachment that came undone so I quick tied it into a halter to avoid any major wardrobe malfunctions.

This is the front and back view of the dress. It is made using Simplicity 3575. It’s a modified version of Views C & D. I took the sleeves off completely. The pattern is really meant for a jersey fabric or something with some give. This fabric doesn’t have any give so I made it just large enough to slip on with out needing to add a zipper.

I love this fabric and I have had it for quite a while. I found it a little hole in the wall fabric store in New York City. It took me a while to find a pattern that I thought was worthy of this fabric. I really liked the way this dress turned out. It’s a great summer dress.

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