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I decided to make a dress to wear for easter….why did I do that? I don’t have time. This is the current state of my dress…

It’s cut out but it’s in pieces! I really need to get started on it. Not only do I need to finish what I have cut out but I also need to make a slip because the fabric is sheer. Crap…time to get sewing!


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The point of making a muslin is to test out a pattern before you go and screw it up with the good fabric. I have never made a muslin before and have definitely made some bad pieces because I didn’t test it first. Since I have a just about endless supply of scrap fabric from my mother’s window drapery business, I decided to test out a couple of pieces.

The first is a shirt. I found this fabric…

I love the brown, green, blue combination. I have been looking for a shirt pattern for this fabric. I thought that this would be good…

This is a good example of how something can look good before you actually made it.

Here’s what I don’t like about it: It’s boxy (the actual fabric would look nicer,) the drape in the front it too high, it doesn’t drape nicely (also will look better in the actual fabric,) and the arm holes are WAY too small. The arm holes where so small that I actually got stuck in the shirt. I needed to have Marj, my sister, help me out because I couldn’t even put my arms down. NOT GOING TO WORK.

I made a few changes to the shirt…

I cut the arm holes bigger and also made it more of a sleeveless top. I also but the neck line to open it up a bit. Still don’t love it but I will keep it as an option as I continue to search for a better pattern.

The other muslin I made was a pencil skirt and that turned out much better. Here is the pattern.

The one on the right without fake pockets

This turned out much better. It will take some adjustments when I finish it but pretty good. Now my only problem is which fabric to choose…

This lovely glen plaid or...

this pinstrip

I may just make it in both!

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I recently went to one of the many antique stores in town and dug through BUCKETS of old and broken jewelry. After about 2 hours in the place (most of the time was spend talking to the characters that worked at the store) I walked out with a whole bag of broken but fabulous stuff. I have remake some of what I got into new jewelry.

The yellow leafs were part of a broken bracelet. There were 3 groups connected together.

This was a bunch of broken pieces. The original gold necklace here was broken but just needed to be reattached. The blue beads were not attached to anything. I made one longer to layer them. The 4th strand is actually 3 bracelets that I put together. The white and gold bracelet was missing part of the clasp and the other 2 where simple gold bracelets. I like the way this turned out.

This is my favorite!

I found this hand and knew that it had to be a necklace!

The beads are some that I had left over from other projects. I would wear this all the time!

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I originally bought this fabric while I was down in the Garment District of New York City (I could spend weeks in the fabric stores there!) Everyone has seen blue seersucker but lime green…I had to have it. I had no idea that I was going to make with it though. Jacket was the obvious options, and I still might make that because I have extra fabric, but then someone mentioned making a dress. With so many different dress patterns it took me quite a while to settle on what I wanted it to look like. One day I was doing a little online window shopping and came across a blue seersucker dress…I LOVED IT! I did not like the $200 price tag though. I then knew what to do with the fabric I had been holding on to.

I sewed most of the dress together about 6 months ago but never finished it. All I had left was to attach the straps and hem the bottom of the skirt. I really hate hemming so that’s probably why I didn’t finish. Not to mention, I was making a seersucker dress in the fall. When did I think I was going to wear this dress? It was going to be months from then anyway. Now I have a reason to wear this dress. I have a fundraiser on Friday night that I have been working on and it has a beach theme. This dress is prefect. More New England beachy then Florida or Hawaii beach but a beach is a beach. So here are some pictures…

The fit on the dress form is not how it fits me but it's pretty close

I can't wait to wear this dress!

I took the idea for the knots in the straps from the original dress I saw but that’s about all that is the same.

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Welcome! This is my first attempt at blogging so we will see what happens. I hope you will enjoy my attempts at making things.¬†Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, food, who know but I am sure that I will mostly be making a huge mess.

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